Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scale Obsession

Since I started this weight loss plan, I have been obsessive-compulsive with the scale. Every morning, I’m weighing in. I know that this is unhealthy, because on the days that I’m back up, I’m instantly in a bad mood, but the days I’m down even by an ounce, I’m more determined to stay on track.

Honestly, I haven’t put forth the effort in this that I should. For about 5 days, I’m good—following the plan as I should, counting my water, not eating fruit after 2pm. But then, SOMETHING happens—work, life, family, etc—that I say to myself, “Self, one little candy bar won’t hurt. No one will notice that bag of chips and Mountain Dew from the vending machine.” Then the battle with the scale begins again. When I originally started the 17 Day Diet, I was 167.3—so I have sustained some of that weight loss (almost 8 lbs), but I’m just not to where I need to be.

As a nurse, I should know what is good for me and what isn’t--but don't nurses make the worst patients??? I  know that a normal woman will have weight fluctuations that average about 5 pounds per day. I know that all of this crap I’ve been consuming (chips, candy, pop, BEER) are not the healthy, well rounded things I need to be consuming. I’ve also realized that now that I’m over 30, my metabolism is just not what it used to be.

I decided this morning that I am not going to let this scale define me anymore or set my mood for the day--after I weighed in at 159.6 lbs, -1 lb from yesterdays post. I have decided to cut down to a weekly weigh--on Mondays--when I will post a new pic as well (yikes, another bikini pic???).

Happy dieting, friends!