Monday, July 11, 2011

Superman is NOT my father

I’ve been noticeably absent from my blogging lately…as I’ve been preparing to wrap things up at my current job, I’ve been putting in crazy hours and putting even crazier things into my mouth.

The good news is that the scale has not gone up. The bad news is that the scale has not gone down either.

I’ve really reflected a lot lately about how I got here. I wish I could blame it all on food alone, but honestly I don’t eat THAT bad…OK, I do make some bad choices but most of the time I’m eating fairly healthy.

Stress and inactivity have been the main culprits of my weight gain. I would come home from 8, 10, 12 hour days and just want to sleep…and that is exactly what I would do. Take an hour nap, then get up work on homework, eat my dinner in front of the computer, work on more homework, get on FB, then go to bed. And then, I would get up at 0530, sit in front of the computer and drink my coffee, do more homework, and then get ready for work. Skip breakfast or eat something greasy from the cafĂ© at work. Eat lunch at my desk while doing more work. Come home…and start this vicious cycle again. Now sometimes I say to myself, “Self, it can’t be that bad. You made it through finishing your bachelor’s degree while working a demanding full time job. You accomplished something!”…which is true, very true. But, as I completed such a huge accomplishment, I lost the time to take care of me.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m blah blah blah-ing about all of this business, right? Partially, I’m thinking out loud. Reminding myself as I get ready to start school (again) that I need to take care of me too. Also, as a reminder to my friends—who are moms, wives, sisters, daughters, students, and full time employees—as much as we would like to think we are the direct spawn of Superman and Wonder Woman, we are not. We cannot fuel our bodies on coffee, Redbull and fast food and be healthy. We need to remember that there are a WHOLE lot of people who look up to us and that we are responsible for—may it be our kids, spouses, partners, parents, whoever—and that we need to be healthy, not only to take care of them but also we need to set positive examples of health.

And that’s my random thoughts for today, friends. I usually close my blog with “Happy dieting, friends”…but I think that I will change that—because I don’t just want to diet, I want to be healthy for many years to come, so…I’m out of thoughts, but I’ll come up with some catchy closing for the next time. :)